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Rockburst Evolutionary Process and Energy Dissipation Characteristics (eBook)

This book investigates the evolution process of rockburst based on the energy dissipation theory and proposes appropriate active prevention and control technologies. It discusses the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) generated by coal rock fractures as a measurement of the amount of dissipated energy, and the use of EMR to experimentally observe the time domain characteristics of energy dissipation during coal rock failure processes. It then proposes the concept of the rockburst activity domain system (RADS), establishes a dynamic pressure model of rockburst, and describes the energy criterion for rockburst instability. Lastly, it presents two waterjet cutting-based cases of pressure relief and rockburst prevention. The book serves as a reference resource for mine safety workers, engineering technicians, scientists, graduate students and undergraduates engaged in research on dynamic hazards such as rockburst.

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